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Hide details for Business CardBusiness Card
DWHD7ZVS3YThis fix allows the Notes Content Provider for the Connections Business Card to be disabled.
Hide details for Calendar & SchedulingCalendar & Scheduling
NRBY7ZPJ9VFixed a potential security issue. See tn# 1446515.
Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
FPAI7X7KL3There is a preference for how week numbering is handled in the Notes calendar. There are 3 choices for the preference: "Use my operating system...
BKAN6WLR7MPrior to the fix, busytime lookups attempted by the Notes client would not attempt to fail over if the users Home Server was down. Instead it would...
MLUR7ZVGGBWhen a day in the month view that is not part of the currently displayed month is double-clicked, the view is still navigated to the appropriate...
Hide details for ClientClient
WHER7YYLYKFixed a problem where closing a Voice Call with Tabbed chats closed all open chats.
TPAE7U8PD5In cases where there is no routing rule and a user creates a preferred device to something other than "office", the setting will not be saved on...
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
MLAT7TGLYNThis fix allows Notes standard to shut down cleanly when windows is shut down/ logged off. There are some known problems when replication at exit is...
HKAI7UW6YDWhen using a time zone other than GMT and importing data from a 1-2-3 worksheet into a form that contains a date/time field, the time zone was set to...
PALT5N5SE7If a view setting is changed via View-Customization, the changes will not stay if Shift-F9 is used to rebuild the view. With this fix, view...
YHNN7VAN6PFixed an intermittent problem where preview would not work after scrolling quickly. This regression was introduced in 8.0.2.
ADC7WBPYPFixed a non-reproducable Notes crash with error "Unknown Error" when painting bitmaps with an illegal color value.
CTOI7W7JD9After upgrading, Notes would sometimes crash after entering a password.
JCON6LCKLQPrior to this fix, a MailTo HTML action that launched a mail memo would not pass the body contents of a new message. This regression was introduced...
DCOY7XP2NAMultiple NLNOTES processes were launched at startup and NEMCheckPreviousInstances were causing the client to shutdown. Fix for ntaskldr to exit if...
CSMH7XAGECFolder title name corruption causing inconsistent behavior with Notes Client interoperability. Modified the logic to travel one folder up and then...
JSTN7W6TRZFixed an occasional crash in dynconfig, client policy enforcement.
BJGY7XXMTGFixed a crash which occurred when using an R6 mail template and clicking on multiple mail messages in the preview pane in the 8.5.1 client. A...
RAGG7RCNVXFixed a Notes client crash on shutdown.
Hide details for ClustersClusters
JCHS7XA2UGOptimized the busytime lookup transaction to prevent re-sorting the detailed item text list unnecessarily. This fix also avoids intermittent random...
PMIA7WUQRHCorrected problem when failover did not always work in a cluster if any cluster mates did not have a replica of the target...
Hide details for Common Inbox FrameworkCommon Inbox Framework
PANN7SVKHUPrior to this fix, if the results of a find-next operation were out of the current date range, it would not advance to the result's data range and...
MOBN7W7RRMFixed a problem where incorrect documents were getting deleted when using multiple rapid delete keys.


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